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About the Pragiedruliai Residency Program:

About Pragiedruliai Residency Program:
Pragiedruliai Residency Program invites creators and artists from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway to immerse themselves in a month-long artistic practice in Panevėžys, set against the idyllic backdrop of Skaistakalnis Park from February 27th to March 28th, 2024.

Our residency caters specifically to performance artists, offering shared studio space equipped with audio-video, dance, and theater facilities. While we regret our inability to accommodate fine art artists due to space constraints, we invite those whose artistic practices involve performance art to apply.
Our main request for the residing artist is to actively engage with the local community throughout the residency process, contributing to the cultural enrichment and sustainable development of Panevėžys.
The artist gets to choose from two community work options:

  1. Contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the local community of Pragiedruliai. In this case community work involves engagement with local cultural heritage, including a poet Juozas Čerkesas-Besparnis, Pragiedruliai villa, Skaistakalnis Park, and the site's history.

  2. Another option involves Panevėžys Aukštaičiai-Žemaičiai community and embracing co-creation through our local ecological garden that belongs to the community. This helps to overcome language barriers while developing an impactful final artwork intertwined with community involvement.

Please find more information here.

Innovative Approaches:

Our program employs innovative methods such as creative placemaking, the art of hosting and overcoming language barriers through co-creation in the eco-garden. By collaborating closely with the local community, you will have the opportunity to learn cultural entrepreneurship from our workshop leaders, fostering a dynamic cultural exchange.

Location. Panevėžys:

Located in Lithuania, one of the Baltic countries, Panevėžys stands as a vibrant city where artists are encouraged to contribute to cultural enrichment through innovative methods. Panevėžys, with its rich history of professional art spaces and cultural events, is currently undergoing a revival campaign to bridge the gap between professional arts and the local community. As part of this initiative, the city is reimagining the historic Skaistakalnis Park. Located centrally yet maintaining its natural charm, the park was once home to the mansion of poet, activist, and lawyer Juozas Čerkesas-Besparnis, serving as a hub for communal gatherings and idea exchange. The mansion is currently undergoing renovations to be adapted for public use.

Main criteria for the applicant:

• Eligibility:
-Applicants must be residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway.
• Application Requirements:
-Complete the online application form.
-Submit a comprehensive CV.
-Provide a portfolio of previous work.
-Include a pivotal concept sketch in the online form.
• Concept Sketch Details:
-The concept sketch should align with the program's main objective of involving local communities in artistic endeavors.
-It is integral to the application and should creatively demonstrate how the proposed project engages and enriches the local community within the specified timeframe
• Application Deadline:
Submissions must be made by February 2nd to be considered.

Grant Details:

As a gesture of gratitude for your dedication, a resident will receive a grant of EUR 183 per day, totaling EUR 5,490 for the entire 30-day duration of the residency. This grant will be disbursed in installments.
The grant we provide covers both material costs and artists' fees. Artists are encouraged to freely explore and utilize the materials they need, as we stand ready to offer collaborative solutions to facilitate their artistic vision.

Accommodation and Travel:

Accommodation in Panevėžys will be provided by us, ensuring a comfortable and inspiring stay. Additionally, flight tickets for your journey to and from Lithuania will also be covered (up to EUR 200).

Accommodation: Private loft per individual.

Application Process:

• The applicant is required to fill in this online application form, including a detailed CV and an artist portfolio showcasing their previous work; acceptable file formats: JPG, PDF, MP3, GIF.
• Successful applicants may be invited to attend an interview as part of the selection process.
• In certain instances, successful candidates may be subject to providing additional documentation, such as diplomas, to substantiate their educational background, work experience, and professional standing.

Program Financing:

It is important to note that this project is being generously financed by the Panevėžys Municipality and The EEA and Norway Grants, underlining their commitment to fostering cultural development and collaboration.

We believe that your artistic perspective will be a valuable addition to our endeavor. If you are interested in taking this unique opportunity, please feel free to apply.

Please find more information here.

Application Deadline: 2th FEBRUARY 2024, 23:59 EEST
Pragiedruliai Residency Program Duration: 2024 February 27th - 2024 March 28th
We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with artists to bring art, culture, and community together in Skaistakalnis Park.

For inquiries and further information, please do not hesitate to reach out:
Rūta Malinauskaitė
Email: residency@pragiedrek.lt