3D Art Course

3D Art Workshop/Course with Thomas Fossgard at Pragiedruliai

In the workshops, we ask you: What do you wish was in Panevezys? It could be a physical object, like a car, a building, the ocean, or something more metaphysical, like love or freedom. We then proceed to mix photography with 3D art to create representations of your idea, finishing with an exhibition of our works at Pragiedruliai.

High intensity Blender course - 3D-Art workshop using the free 3D software Blender, starting from foundations of 3D art. At the finish you should feel confident to learn further projects in 3D art on your own.

Professional Art Workflow - From idea, formulation, gathering references, taking photographs, to 3D art creation to compositing.

Each workshop will be structured around a short lecture about a new topic in 3D modeling related fields, followed by a supervised and mentored work-period where you will get help when stuck.

Foundations of 3D Art: Vertices, Edges, Faces, Shading - Let’s jump into Blender!
From Idea to Project - How to select ideas and transform them into something that communicates? How to organize a complex digital art project? What workflow do professionals in the digital art field follow?
Blocking out your model - Finding shapes and silhouettes. Inserting it into a photograph.
3D Modelling I - How to begin making a real model.
3D Modeling II - Retopo: How to make it right.
3D Modeling III - - UV Mapping + Materials/Shaders
3D Modeling IV - Compositing with photographs

Laptop computer from the last ~10 years. A mouse and mousepad. Pen and Notepad. Fresh brain and strong motivation. The course will be intense and challenging.

Three one-word ideas for what you want to see in Panevezys:
Something physical - (i.e a building / an object)
Something to do - (An action, something you or people are doing)
Something metaphysical (A feeling, something poetic)


Download and install on your computer:

Latest version of Blender: https://www.blender.org/download/

Pure Ref (reference image software, set price to 0$) https://www.pureref.com/download.php

GIMP or Photoshop