Open-air photography exhibition from Taurage

From July 18, an outdoor photography exhibition organized by the Tauragė Regional Museum "Santaka" as part of the "KVADRATU" festival will arrive at "Pragiedruliai"!

The open-air exhibition was created during the "Camera Obscura Tauragė" (COT) plein air event.

Due to its historical context and the peculiarities of the border region, the identity of Tauragė is not clearly defined and is constantly changing. We look into the past from the perspective of contemporary people, which is why the slogan for the 2023 festival is: "You cannot step into the same river twice."

From April 27 to 30, 2023, a photography plein air event called "Camera Obscura Tauragė" was held in Tauragė, bringing together nearly 30 photographers from all over Lithuania. However, the goal of these photographers was not only to document the city of Tauragė but also to use the pinhole technique to show it through a slightly different perception of reality. Photography was done using both homemade, repurposed, and specially created pinhole cameras.