The homestead of Juozas Čerkesas - Besparnis is surrounded by stories and legends and has a unique energy. Čerkesas was a patron, social worker, volunteer, self-taught creator, and active gardener. The concept of Pragiedruliai is based on the co-creation strategy and the personality of Čerkesas Besparnis.

Pragiedruliai homestead

The center is located in one of the oldest parks in Panevėžys - Skaistakalnis Park, surrounded by nature. The territory of the park was formed in pagan times, which is where the name of the park itself comes from. The word "skaistus" is associated with the word "holy" and denotes the sacred significance of the area.

After the First World War, Mr. Čerkesas returned from Russia with his family to Panevėžys, where he bought a 9-hectare plot of land and built a very modern house at the time. He planted many trees around and named his beloved homestead at the bend of the Žagienis stream - Pragiedruliai. During the interwar period, writers, lawyers, pedagogies, and other luminaries were happy to visit it. In the homestead, the paths of prominent people who created Lithuania crossed, ideas spread, art, creativity, and music flourished.